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Sanctum Polis – Rest Eternal Memory is a 32-bit Role Playing Game... Read More

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We are an indie game company who started off with only four employees... Read More

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Sanctum Polis - REM

An Enormous Thank You!

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following individials for helping us support the production of Sanctum Polis in various ways.

Contest Winners

Character Art & Story Writing Contest
Name Award
Ephias Blue Terranel Student Ephias Belvidea
Rylan Clarke Ignusel Student Vartas Darkly
James Kimsey Aquirelle Student Marylise Alding
Jared A'Risel Student Jace Simmons
Silent Uproar Recruitment Contest
Name Award
Edi Santiago Socialite Tier
Wolfie Shadow Socialite Tier
James Toulmin Socialite Tier
Senior Appreciation Contest & Sweepstakes
Name Award
Xavier Garcia TBD Senior Student & Quest
Alexander Keeling Senior Student Nanabi Kitsune & Quest
Colin Walsh Senior Student Le-Pi Doptera & Quest
Joshua Graves Senior Student Joshua Graves & Quest
James McDonald Senior Student Merus & Quest
Leo Draigo Senior Student Leo A. Dragonslash & Quest
Solve The Cipher
Name Award
Makani Womack Polite Soldier Main Character Makani Womack


Name Reward
Chris Corey Character Zerink “Zerinel” Fer
Diego Gil Garces Character Zephyr Geil
John Hayes Character Aradorin Frozen
Ikito Kagari Gil Shaman Ikito
Frank Nagy Healer Piotr
Jason Carter TBD Senior Student & Quest
Davaughn Blue Dreamwalker Tier
Daniel Blything Dreamwalker Tier
Trent Braswell Legendary Heroine Tier
Kyle Kowalchuk Legendary Heroine Tier
Eric Moffitt Legendary Heroine Tier
Andrew Troester Legendary Heroine Tier
Arnold Yi Legendary Heroine Tier
Alexander Chimento Path of the Devout Tier
Fabian Felske Path of the Devout Tier
Felipe Perez Araujo Path of the Devout Tier
Anthony Spriggs Path of the Devout Tier
Thomas Bidaud College Supplies Tier
Quincy Curless College Supplies Tier
Johnny Luu College Supplies Tier
Foxy Piyoko College Supplies Tier
Russ Peterson College Supplies Tier
Taylor Sharrar College Supplies Tier
Adam Vergara College Supplies Tier
Marcus Carey Enrollment Package Tier
Zachary Essey Enrollment Package Tier
Michael Farmer Enrollment Package Tier
Evan Jensen Enrollment Package Tier
Nathan Myers Enrollment Package Tier
Christopher O’Connor Enrollment Package Tier
Jean Petit Enrollment Package Tier
Yousef Tukhaim Enrollment Package Tier
Odin Vatne Enrollment Package Tier
Daryanto Edward Sanrio Yearbook Tier