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Delve deeper into the lore of the world of Diurne in our Archive.

Follow Caxton from the beginning in our prequel comic, EDEN.

Sanctum Polis Houses

Who We Are

We are an indie game company who started off with only four employees and have expanded greatly since then. Our vision to create classic games with a modern twist has lead us to the development of Sanctum Polis - Rest Eternal Memory.

The reason we chose an all Anthropomorphic cast is two-fold; on one hand we wanted to reach out to fans of anthropomorphic artwork who are often forgotten in modern games and we wanted to create a diverse cast not limited by race or creed but rather a character that anyone can relate to because they are seen as the person they are beneath the fur.

Sanctum Polis is our first gaming venture but we hope to expand not only on this series in the future but on other game ideas we have planned as well.

Team Members
Name Position
Gabriel Trujillo President & Creative Director
Jaden Rivera Vice President & Marketing Director
Luis Velasco Jr. Writer & Operations Director
Milo Foster Pixel Artist
Sara Jensen Pixel Artist
Damián E. M. Schinder Translator
Bryan Akers Music Composer
Gade Lupino Programmer
"Flookz" Concept Artist


Below are people that have helped us along the way to get to where we are now. We greatly appreciate their contribution to our game.

Special Thanks
Name Contribution
Adrian Madriz Writing
"Pockyrumz" Artwork
"Loculi" Concept Art
"Venezia" Concept Art
Chad Killeen Animation
"Onion Head" Pixel Art
"Zephyrin" Pixel Art

Heroic Stand

We are currently collaborating with the company Heroic Stand to produce our game! They are best known for their work on Skull Girls and their mobile game Temple Tap. Learn more about them here.

Additional Collaborators
Beast's Fury Studios
Dino - Old School Gamers
Galaxy Trail
Geeks & Guitars
Grant - True Geek Radio
Lowemond Milo - MINI Comic
Yacht Club Games
"Zeke" - EDEN Comic


Sanctum Polis - REM

Sanctum Polis – Rest Eternal Memory is a 32-bit Role Playing Game where the main character Caxton finds himself thrown into Solaris Notre University. Founded as a religious reform school, SNU takes in wayward youths from across Diurne in order to reforge them into the service of Solaris the Sun Goddess as clergy.

The university exists in two refurbished castles, one housing the male students, the other the females. Here, Caxton joins a group of students trying to escape, calling themselves Silent Uproar. It is here that Caxton finds he has the ability to invade dreams, which leads to the discovery of secrets hidden deep within the school.

Sanctum Polis takes influences from old school RPG’s such as: Persona, Suikoden, and Final Fantasy. We even took some psychological, survival horror elements from games such as Silent Hill. Many of these elements come into play as Caxton investigates the world around him. As he interacts with other characters, dialogue options will require the player to choose how they want Caxton to be. Seemingly innocent at times, these discussion will ultimately have an impact on how the storyline plays out.


We're best described as a menu based RPG with a semi active turn based battle system.

The game is split into morning, day, and nighttime activities. During the day, the player can choose from options such as: attending class, going to an extracurricular, and conversing with students. Yet at night, Caxton can choose to enter the dreamworld.

The dreamworld is where many of the fantasy style elements come into play. For instance, the game uses a party battle system that includes the use of magic unique to the dreamworld, item usage, physical attacks, and special attacks. It is here that much of the hidden truths comes out as you play through the subconscious minds of certain characters.

The choices you, the player, makes throughout the game will alter the storyline, lead to increases in difficulty, optional quests being revealed, and finally one of multiple possible endings. All of this depends on what you choose Caxton to become.

Game Description