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Sanctum Polis - REM

Latest News!

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PLEASE READ! Important Update


A few people have asked us to clarify exactly what is going on behind the scenes here at Quadrangle Games, so we decided to tackle that large topic.

  • • Our artists are on standby, but no assets will be made until further funding.
  • • Though many have been generous, we haven’t come close to what we need.
  • • SP isn’t cancelled, but our focus is to gain investor interest through other means.

Our Kickstarter in 2014 did not meet goal, which means that we didn’t get any of that funding. The generous donations of a few PayPal contributors kept us going for a bit, but that was not even an eighth of the cost to complete our game. We made as many assets as we could, but many on our team left due to lack of funds. Our low cost on Kickstarter was due to discounts these artists had given before they left. Unable to afford new artists, we had to go to find investors.

We are not canceling the project, but we do need to go on a hiatus in order to focus on revamping the Sanctum Polis universe. Some major changes need to be made in order to appeal to investors. This is why we have mentioned our focus on the SP novel on social media, which costs us nothing for now. Content on our website is outdated until our revamp. The comic and lore will continue throughout the summer, and we are here if you have any questions.

We hope for your understanding and continued support. We have been revealing this over time, but decided it was better to simply state this to avoid any misunderstanding. Thank you for those of you who stick by us. We will not give up.


New Game Direction

Soul Portrait

As many of you may have guessed, we have been hinting at some changes that are being made to Sanctum Polis - REM as a whole. Through much discussion with the team and with fan feedback about Sanctum Polis we have decided to go forward with quite a few changes.

One of the largest redevelopments we've decided upon was a new art direction for character portraits. We found that this new art direction will more fluidly connect the pieces within the world that we have created.


Our University Is Now Co-Ed

We have taken a hard look at our script and realized that in order to enhance both gameplay aspects and story elements, the male and female schools had to be combined. Moving forward, Solaris Notre University is co-ed but with separate dorms. This lends itself to a few large changes in our original script; however, we firmly believe that this will only help to increase the level of engagement for the player.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments since none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for your continued support and helping us keep the dream alive.

From all of us on the Quadrangle Game Development Team


Development Preview


Hello Dreamwalkers,

Many of you have been waiting eagerly and patiently for news on our progress with the game. You have also been supportive in every move we make. We couldn't ask for better fans.

So we decided to give you, our ever faithful supporters, a preview into what we’ve been working on. We hope you like what you see.




The forest just behind SNU is a seemingly never-ending labyrinth, where fateful encounters and secrets abound.

Dirune Overworld



The forest of Nocturne, otherwise known as the dream world, is a deserted wasteland where dangers hide in the darkness.

Nocturne Overworld



Art Direction

Before we go into the different items that we plan on showing you, we wanted to give you a heads up on some new changes to Sanctum Polis as a whole. First and foremost, the overall artistic direction of the game has begun to change. In collaboration with an indie development team, Heroic Stand, we have decided to revamp Sanctum Polis in a 2D cell-shaded style that will allow us to bring the world to life. Some of your concerns about the disconnect between the overworld and the battle animations helped to give way to this decision.


New Comic

Also coming soon is the release of our next short series of comics, Sanctum Polis - Misadventures: I Never Imagined. This series explores the day to day lives of the students of SNU leading up to the release of Episode 0. M:INI stands alongside our other stories that help to delve a little deeper into the history and lore of Diurne, in works such as: Sanctum Polis - ED;EN, The Talgen, The Polite Soldier, and The Research Journal.


Battle Animation

This next piece we think you will find the most exciting. We have reworked the battle system and animation, adding a Surge Release Gauge, which fills up every time a party member is hit. This new feature lets one member tap into their inner power and perform a special skill when the gauge fills.

Dreamworld Battle Click Here To See Enlarged Version


Thank You

If you have any feedback on what you’ve seen, please feel free to send us an email. We want to hear from you so that we can make Sanctum Polis the best game possible.

As always thank you for helping us keep the dream alive. Your help has been fundamental in this game’s creations, so we also wanted to let you know that the Thank You Page is live on our website, follow the link here! Keep an eye out for more exciting updates in the near future.

From all of us on the Quadrangle Games Development Team.


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